" Liquid  Gold" 

 Known for its rare beauty benefits in comparison to other cosmetic oils

Arganic beauty

 About Argan oil

Argan oil is an ancient treasured beauty secret used for centuries,  particularly by the Berber living in south-west Morocco  ( where these trees originally grow).  It is known as the "golden liquid" for its astonishing rareness and beauty benefits. Benefiting the hair, scalp, face, body and hands, giving hair and skin a smooth clear and radiant shine when used frequently. 


The oil extraction of this beauty secret is a long and delicate process involving various stages; which includes cold-pressing the seed of the argan nut for approximately 16 hours,  using 40 kg of nuts, producing only one litre of oil! The reason being for its more expensive pricing In comparison to the edible argan oil which only uses 20 kg of nuts, and half the pressing time,  as it is roasted in advance to make the oil extraction easier and faster.


Known for its versatile and special medicinal, health and beauty assets, explains its recent recognition and high demand in Western countries. The oil is Incredibly rich in antioxidants, containing astonishingly high levels of vitamin E,  with powerful cell repairing properties; granting its excellence as a moisturiser, making it a safe, and fantastically suitable product to use on the hair, scalp, face and body for both adults and babies. 

In addition, when consumed, it has been proven amongst other benefits to help control blood sugar levels, aid digestion problems, and lower high cholesterol levels. It is also used as a healthier version of cooking oil and is used to make food, in particular, peanut and almond butter.

It also has additional benefits such as:

  • Astonishing wound healing properties, proven to aid eczema and acne

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in the prevention of premature ageing signs- here its powerful cell repairing properties work wonders on your skin; creating maximum hydration, softening the skin, improving its elasticity, by restoring the skins hydro-lipid layer. This process naturally plumps the skin, smoothing out wrinkles. (When used frequently)

  • Improved skin elasticity- creating subtle soft skin, when used daily, due to active triterpenoids, and essential fatty acids, that improve skin elasticity. Also recommended to use while pregnant to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

  • Repairing damaged hair- creating hydrated, frizz/ split ends free healthy looking salon-style hair. It is an all natural luxurious and conditioning substance perfect for dull, damaged, and brittle hair.

  •  Treating insect bites, skin rashes and infections. As its healing properties stem from its richness in antioxidants, vitamin E and A, linoleic acids and omega-6 fatty acids.

Research shows that its great cell repairing properties particularly from the tocopherol in vitamin E, boost cell production repairing and multiplying cells creating healthy, glowing skin and hair. It has also been proven to moisturise the skin whilst easing inflammation, which stems from its richness in antioxidants and natural acids. It is a great all in one healing, moisturising, soothing, non-greasy, and all natural product that is used by both men and women globally looking for an effective all natural skin and hair moisturiser.

This is the main reason as to why many cosmetic companies are using Argan in their hair and beauty products which most of the time cost a fortune. 

But don't you worry! You can achieve results just as great by purchasing a 100% pure oil on its own! Adding and Using it as part of your daily beauty regime. Though of course a 100% pure argan oil is expensive, fortunately for you, using only 2-3 drops keep hair and skin nourished throughout the entire day when used on a regular daily basis.

Add Argan oil to your beauty regime today, to experience luxury moisture and softness your hair and skin have never experienced before!


Our company is partnered with producers in  Morocco, and together we ensure our customers receive the best quality.