Our Journey

"Being of moroccan decent, and having used the oil and other products personally, i had to share the benefits of these gems with the rest of the world"

Arganic beauty

 About us

 Our journey first started when someone dear gifted us a small bottle of cosmetic Argan oil. It was the best oil we've ever used, and when it finished, it drove us to visit the Southwest of Morocco, and personally search high and low for oil of the same purity! We then began personally using organic Argan oil for our family which worked wonders. After seeing its amazing results, for practically everything! Friends and family became our regular consumers and we then decided... Why not share this organic miracle with the rest of the world? That's when Arganic Beauty blossomed.

Our company is partnered with producers in south-west Morocco, and together we ensure our customers receive the best quality. 

We also cherish and pride ourselves on the close relationships we have with both our suppliers and clients who value and share the same ethics. 


Our company's number one aim is to bring you 100% pure organic (cosmetic) Argan oil straight from the Argan trees of Taroudant known as the 'grandmother city' of Morocco.  It is freshly cold-pressed using raw Argan kernels on a regular basis ensuring visible purity and quality. The "golden liquid", it's known for its rareness and beauty benefits, benefiting the hair, scalp, face, body and hands, giving hair and skin a smooth clear and radiant shine when used frequently.

Our suppliers also have a certificate of authenticity, which ensures its 100% quality, giving all our customers the extra confidence they need in purchasing our products.


We are a family run business and are hoping to expand and grow as a brand and company, enjoying what we do, focusing foremost on bringing you the best quality organic Argan oil! alongside other organic, Moroccan inspired natural products. 

Each product is designed with a  touch of heritage and most importantly made with argan love. 

All our products are:

  • High quality

  • Handmade

  • 100% pure & organic

  • Moroccan inspired 

  • For all hair and skin types

  • All natural and chemical free 

  • Cruelty-free