Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Lets begin, many of us suffer from either sensitive dry skin or oily skin right? and its annoying because you feel like you're in a constant battle with your skin. Well guess what? say goodbye to dry & or oily skin for good!

Did you know majority of our facial products uniquely cater to both sensitive, dry and oily skin! Using only the most gentle, and finest organic ingredients, our products help soothe, cleanse, detox, radiate and balance oil production in your skin.

Many ask how does Argan oil help regulate oil production in my skin? and is Argan oil and the Vanilla honey Argan face scrub suitable for acne prone skin?

Firstly, Argan oil regulates oil production by balancing out the sebum levels in the skin, therefore causing fewer and fewer breakouts over time, the more frequent you use it. It also reduces the irritation in the skin, resulting in reduced redness. However, it does not banish them straight away after the first use, but instead works in a gradual process (a few days to a few weeks), by reducing your breakouts gradually and banishing them for good over time. Like all natural products, it takes time to work into your skin, unlike chemical products, you just have to trust the process, have patience, and you will be greatly rewarded by the results trust me.

Secondly, the answer is Yes! the beauty of this ancient oil is that it is suitable for all skin types. In addition the Vanilla honey Argan face scrub, was carefully formulated to aid both sensitive dry AND oily/ acne prone skin. It's carefully chosen organic, gentle ingredients play a role in hydrating and cleansing both skin types, leaving your skin feeling fresh, soft and glowing.I t also aids in reducing scars, redness, uneven skin tone, healing damaged skin & prevents breakouts. These are just a few listed benefits.

As many of you know, Argan oil has unique qualities such as cell repairing properties particularly from the tocopherol in vitamin E, that boosts cell production by repairing and multiplying cells, creating healthy, glowing skin and hair. It also moisturises the skin whilst easing inflammation, which stems from its richness in antioxidants and natural acids. That's why its one of the best healing, moisturising, soothing, non-greasy, and all natural product that is used by both men and women of all skin types. AND , of course is a main ingredient that is used in all our products.

How do Arganic beauty products help sensitive dry skin?

Our main product (Argan oil) contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and as stated above high cell repairing properties; that create maximum hydration, soften the skin, prevent winkles and improve its elasticity, by restoring the skins hydro-lipid layer. This process naturally hydrates and plumps the skin, smoothing out wrinkles, due to active triterpenoids, and essential fatty acids, that improve skin elasticity. In addition, the Vanilla honey Argan face scrub also plays a large role in aiding dry skin too. It is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, healing and antibacterial properties, promoting healthy cell repair & tissue regeneration. I t also aids in reducing scars, dry skin, redness, uneven skin tone, healing damaged skin & even prevent breakouts! and that's just a few listed benefits.

Another product that specifically helps dry skin, is our intensive soothing salve. This is specifically formulated with organic carefully chosen ingredients , for those who have extremely dry skin, including conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It's rich & thick consistency helps not only deeply moisturise and heal scars on the skin, but also act as a barrier in protecting the skin from external factors, and keeping it moisturised even when touched with water.

What other products do you recommend to help clear my acne, black heads & or dry flaky skin?

Another favourite product of ours, that helps aid both skin types tremendously and helps reduce blackheads, redness, flakiness, oiliness, also brightens, tones and tightens the skin is our Moroccan Ghasoul clay. It has an astonishing amount of benefits, in comparison to other clays, which makes it unique. It's high absorption qualities stem from it's incredible richness in minerals; magnesium, calcium, potassium and silica. Which makes it one of the greatest and gentlest clays to use specifically for sensitive skin.

Now, one last juicy fact about Argan oil.

Did you know it contains many ancient and traditional beauty secrets. One of the many beauty secret that we LOVE is; not only does it work as a great moisturiser in the winter for both skin types and all year round, but it also works as a natural low spf (spf 15) heat protector in the summer, helping you a achieve a healthy natural tan, and soft nourished locks, without burning your skin or hair in the process.

Are you still not in love with Argan oil yet?

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