Men's Luxury Grooming Gift Box
  • Men's Luxury Grooming Gift Box


    Introducing arganic beauty's luxury men grooming gift box! The Perfect gift for your bearded loved ones, the perfect ramdan/ Eid gift for your bearded loved ones, taking care of not only their beard, but their hair, lips, skin, teeth and scent too! The natural organic way

    Choice of lip therapy balms
    Choice of scrub/ salve

      This luxury magnetic grooming box is uniquely designed, using 100% cold pressed Argan oil in all its products. Each product contains a great percentage of argan oil for a luxurious experience. In addition an oil based perfume is also provided to stay smelling great and a natural toothbrush to improve oral hygine,naturally! 


      Box contents:
      ◾1x 30ml Argan oil
      ◾1x luxury natural anti static wooden comb
      ◾1x 3ml Aventus creed oil perfume ( By hayatiessence)
      ◾1x Blackseed Argan lip therapy

      ◾1x Intensive soothing salve
      ◾1x Miswaak with Miswaak holder pen (natural tooth brush + brush holder)

      What is a miswaak? also known as the 'natural' tooth brush.

      It is a thin twig extracted from the the Salvadora Persica tree, and is known (through various scientific studies)

      to help improve oral/dental hygine.


      A few benefits from this natural tooth brush are:

      • Killing and removing bacteria

      • Teeth whitening

      • Fighting/reducing bad odor

      • Reucing plaque

      • Increasing salivation
      • Strengthens gums

    • How to use the Miswaak (Natural tooth brush)


      1. Shave one end of the twig with a knife or chew on it
      2. Once the bark is off in that area,chew it until it is bristled and becomes soft
      3. Soak the bristled tip in water
      4. Brush your teeth with it, and rinse after every use.
      5. Cut off old bristles, repeating the first process every few days.
      6. Store in a dry place.

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