140g Vanilla Honey Argan Face & Lip Scrub
  • 140g Vanilla Honey Argan Face & Lip Scrub

    Our Argan infused organic cane sugar scrub with organic honey and a hint of vanilla & cinnamon, gently cleanses and gives your skin a perfect radiant glow. An ideal addition to your daily body or facial care routine.

    We at Arganic beauty have carefully handpicked organic raw materials for our Vanilla Honey Argan scrub to eliminate dead skin cells, refine skin tone and promote growth of healthy cells, giving your skin the added glow, radiance and nourishment it has been craving.

    This scrub is targeted for sensitive skin in particular. To hydrate,soothe, radiate,eliminate toxins, reduce fine lines and even help reduce cellulite! leaving skin silky to the touch!
    • Our Argan infused Vanilla Honey sugar scrub cleanses and gives your skin a glowing radiant shine. An ideal addition to your daily facial or body care routine! We all know that regularly exfoliating your face and body is important as it increases blood circulation, whilst also getting rid of toxin build up.


      Our Vanilla Honey Argan sugar scrub consists of 100% organic ingredients:


      Organic unrifined Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa), Organic cane sugar (sucrose), Vanilla Pod ( vanilla planifolia fruit extract), Organic mountain honey (mel), Organic cinnamon powder (Cinammomum cassia bark, Organic lemon (citric acid)


      Each ingredient's benefits:

      • Argan oil:( Astonishingly rich in Antioxidants & vitamin E, promoting healthy cell repair & growth, balancing skin oils,reducing, dryness; flakiness, fine lines and even cellulite!)


      • Cane sugar: ( Rich in glycolic (alpha-hydroxyl) acid, that fights bacteria, aids cell repair and growth, whilst gently hydrating cleansing & nourishing the skin)


      • Cinnamon ( Rich in minerals such as iron, fiber, manganese and calcium. Aids in reducing dry skin, blemishes, blackheads, acne, uneven skin tone, and even fine lines!   Whilst also preventing skin infections and curing cuts  and grazes.)


      • Raw Mountain Honey (Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, healing and antibacterial properties, promoting healthy cell repair & tissue regeneration. Aids in reducing scars, dry skin, redness, uneven skin tone, healing damaged skin & even prevent breakouts!)


      • Lemon ( Astonishingly high in antibacterial properties, aids in reducing blackheads,acne, uneven skin tone , and fine lines! )


      • Vanilla pods (RIch in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, promoting healthy cell repair & tissue regeneration. Aids in reducing spots, redness, fine lines, whilst healing damaged skin & even preventing breakouts!


      Lightly Damp face and/ or lips with water, Scoop out a tea spoon of scrub (or more depending on surface area), apply the scrub on face and/ or lips and rub very gently in circular motions. This helps blood circulation and gently removes toxins, giving your skin a smooth, clean and gentle glow.


      Do Not scrub vigorously.


      Use Regularly for better Visible Results


      For best results, try our Ghasoul clay mask and/or a drop of argan oil for a perfect silky soft finish.